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what do you do in the winter?

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Hi all! I am curious what all of you deck builders that experience harsh winter climates, do exactly in the winter? Personally, I do alot of commercial door/hardware installations but it is growing old and I am curious to here some feedback.

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Attend college classes, smoke weed, watch NetFlix, wait for spring.
I live in a temperate climate where one can work all year long... build decks even in the winter. Just takes a little longer for footings to cure.
Down here winter means having to wear long pants, we just keep on building.

I started off in Ohio working for my uncle who was a home builder. During the summer we would build several homes, shells only not even interior walls, during winter go back & finish them out. He was a nut case tho & I couldn't hang.

Being a deck builder in an area like that I would think you need a second job, like plowing snow. My brother put a plow on his wrecker & made decent $ in winter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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