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what changes would you make for this website?

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You still gong on about that web site?

I don't think it is all that bad.

I would change the References page to a Testimonial page, since that's basically what it is.

I would also place a contact form on the Contact page like the one you have on your Free Estimate page. Studies show that people prefer contact forms over email links. This is because they have more confidence that their message will reach you if they use a contact form. An email can be blocked by your Web server's email program, your ISP's email server or by the email program on your computer as being SPAM. Millions of good emails are lost every day because they were wrongly blocked by email programs. Why take a chance on missing a possible lead?

I think it's a nice website.

I did a Google search with the following results:

Flat Roofing St. Louis mo - 127,000 - found you on first page
roofing company St. Louis mo - 314,000 - found you on first page
roofing St. Louis mo - 1,180,000 - did not find you
roof contractor St. Louis mo - 719,000 - did not find you
roofing companies St. Louis mo - 143,000 - did not find you
roofing contractor St. Louis mo - 235,000 - did not find you

It's a guess as to what a customer might type into the Google search bar to find something. I'm not sure how many would actually type in "flat roofing" though.
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On the products page I would put the Logos on the bottom.
The website looks great. but just for the hell of it what do you think of this?

Agree with the others - good site, strong writing, informative. Actually the top of the home page seems too busy. I like the guy unrolling a black band on which to apply your titles. I also like what looks like the company logo on the right. Just having both up there looks busy.
Otherwise, people going to a site for a roof need information first and foremost. You're trying to sell your services, and appearance of the site is
not so important. I think the site does a good job with presenting info.
Thanks for the replys guys

:confused1: I am going to change it up just a little but not too much...getting ready to also use google adwords for more coverage on the internet using other keyword phrases. what would you type in for search if you were in need of a flat roofer or would you even use the word flat..maybe moat people would not use not sure
Site looks good but a couple of things caught my eye.

1. The name of the company is "The Flat Roof Company" but on the home page there is a picture of a harnessed worker applying underlayment to a pitched (8/12?) roof. I'm not sure if it matters or not.

2. Also on the home page "leak free guarantee" is in bold print but I couldn't find any more information about it. It may be a good selling point to describe the guarantee (how many years?, material and labor or just material?, etc.).

3. Do all of your references want their full names and addresses posted on the internet? Some people prefer just their initials to be used.
Get your G codes installed on the pgs. You're not showing any PR.
hey tinner, what does g codes and pr mean ? thanks for the reply
Your website looks good but you need to work on the keywords. Checking your website with a meta tag analyser this come up.:

Title contains no errors.
This tag contains 62 characters.

Title relevancy to page content is good.
The Title relevancy to page content is 80%.

Description:Description meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 141 characters.
Description meta tag relevancy to page content is very good.
The Description meta tag relevancy to page content is 91%.
Keywords:Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is fair.
The keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is 69%.
Robots:The Robots meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 12 characters.
Author:The Author meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 32 characters.
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