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What CFM will be needed?

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I do not know any airflow formulas and I seriously doubt the relationship between PSI and CFM is linear so I really have no way of figuring this out.

My sandblaster consumes 6CFM @ 125 PSI
My compressor's output is 10.2 @ 90 PSI

Is there a way to find my compressor's 125 PSI output?

Thanks for any help :thumbup:
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I wouldn't know either Yak, but it seems to me it doesn't realy matter. You won't hurt anything, the equipment or the bikes, if it goes below 6 cfms. If you run it at 125 psi and you feel it's working for you that's good enough. Knowing the number would't change the outcome. If you feel you need a much higher production rate then it might be time to step up to maybe at least a 100 cfm output and a blast pot to handle it. You could move up to about a 1/4 inch nozle and you would be amazed at the difference. Time is money.
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