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What brand of excavators are there in USA?

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Greetings from China! Can you tell me what brand of excavators are there in USA? I know you use CAT.Do you use Komatsu PC200?Kobelco or Hitachi?
Thank you.
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We buy everything in the US.

From every country in the world. If you make it we buy it! Unless it's a piece of crap, then we buy it cheap and complain about it.

But for the most part the US supports the rest of the world, and it's manufacturing. We buy it all.
i personaly run hitachi and kobelco...
Greetings right back at you Caiwu and welcome to the board

Yes, Cat is big here but theres a lot of many great machines by foriegn manufacurers and many old US based machines are actualy Japanese or Korean built.

For instance, John Deere has been being built by Hitachi for so long they are essentialy the same machine and I recently purchased a 270 and a 200. We also own Kobelco models 80 and 115 and we love them
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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