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What am I, Jesse James?

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I often have a customer ask if I am aloud to blast at someones home and does the town know that I blast at my shop. They assume what I do is illeagle and I'm just getting away with it. Have any of you ever found you needed a permit to blast at a home or been stopped by a township? So far I just blast and hope no one says anything.
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Come on people. I know many of you must have concerns about the legalities of blasting in public. Or stories of such encounters with the law. Let's have em.
There just bitchin’ about anything.

I'm going to a town meeting tonight to get my 30 x 30 garage commercialized.

It started 6 months ago when I first pulled the trigger in my new garage. One nabor of 14 years called the town and companied about the noise and dust!! :furious:
I live it Maine, in an out of town location, on 4 acres. The garage is well over 400’ from and property line.
In the 15X 30 box, I have 2 dozen air filters that are changed regularly and a outside fan with a dust sock that is, with in a Box that is wrapped with landscaping cloth.
There is no dust from my garage, and the air compressor meets all EPA standards for Noise pollution.
So, if someone *****’s to the town, yes or gonna have to address the problem before it bit's you in the ass.
I went to the town to make it legal, lots of paper work!
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I've ben blasting around my house for over 10 years, but now that I have my truck lettered, I'm a target.

For this same resson, I don't use Black Beauty anymore.
I try to stay GREEN as they say.

I turn down a lot of jobs because there in town...
Ok James, How did it go with the township? I wonder if you had any detracters there trying to influence the town away from you. I know that even when a town says yes it can still be trouble. I have a friend who got the ok from his town to land his hellicopter and the towns people still sued him and they won. He had bought his house and added a garage and then had to keep the copter elsewhere.
It Went Through… Thank GOD now I can do some work IN MY COMMERCIAL GARAGE. :clap:
I had to send letters to the abutting land owners, I went further than that sending letters to all the out skirting Land Owners so no one else could say they didn’t know.
Only one showed, my one Nabor. No one else at all at the meeting!
The only major thing he complained about was the noise from the compressor, but said Its been fine since I move it out back of the garage he barley can hear it. He just wanted to know what I was using for grit, noise, and time of operation.
It all got addressed (I hope)
only restrictions is that I have to practice good house keeping per DEP. and can work from 7-7pm,
I am still going to build a wall around the compressor to deaden the noise more. It’s not a Town criterion.
The Town also told him that there is no Sound Ordinance in place.
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Seems like all this could have been avoided by him just coming over and talking to you then wasting all this time. I think some people these days just don't know how to talk to others. I worry about the same thing but if your not on site for more then a day not much the city is going to do but I'm thinking I might rig up some signs that I can take down when I'm in a track home area so no one will know who I am.
If your trying to do the job right, and lay down tarps and clean up/ removing media after, no one has a problem.

Its when some one from the old days remembers that there uncle did it out back of there house and left a pile of slag for the kids to play in. :eek:

I told the guy at the meeting that all he had to do is to come over to see me and ask questions. I'm not unreasonable person.
But I also see that I should of gone to him also and let him know of my intent of business too.

But now I don't have to look over my sholder to see if some ones watching, I'm all legal.
I dunno, other people usually get upset if you're not following the rules which you guys seem to think you may be doing which usually means you are doing things you're not supposed to be doing.

Doesn't really matter if you're a mile away from your neighbors.

Just my opinion.
Your right, If some ones bitchn' then you might be doing some thing wrong.
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