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What about pre-paid legal?

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Has anyone out there uses pre-paid legal service for lawyers. If so, what kind of quality are the lawyers and what were your results with the service?
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Better yet, what do you see as a benefit from it?

I have a friend that got suckered into this and swore by it until he realized he got had.

These services advertise that they will argue everything from retail sales returns to traffic tickets to children's grades. These services are the problem, not the solution.

Hire a lawyer to review your business documents or other issues of contention when you need it. Don't contribute to the excessiveness of tort law in this country by fueling it.
I've had it for over 8 years now. I've been happy with the services that I have received from the law firm in Columbus, Ohio, and the law firm they gave me when I adopted my two step-children. There are pros and cons to everything. I've actually used them quite a bit on just basic questions,I think the biggest thing was the free will and power of attorney. I've also had them write a few letters and they have reviewed a few contracts for me also. They also helped me with a few traffic tickets.

The only time I've had a problem was when my wife was having problems with my step-children's father, and the law firm we were given didn't return calls in a timely manner, just didn't seem to care. It was easily fixed though I called the provider law firm and they gave me another firm, and that's the same one I used when I adopted my step-children. Also that other law firm is no longer with PPL because they had so many complaints.

Another reason I have them is that I do have a concealed carry permit, and I have PPL just in case I ever have to use my firearm. This is where the 24/7/365 comes in handy.
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