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Wet Spray Cellulose ????

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Has any one ever heard of using sheetrock joint compound as a bonding agent for wet spray cellulose? Also looking at buying a Cool Machine insulation blower by Dave Krendll blows 120 bags an hour any feedback on these machines?
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Using compound as a bonding agent is a new one on question would be why?

My advice is if you buy a new machine, or find your source for cellulose, like Fiberlite in Joplin, Mo., they will arrange for you to get some training. I strongly advise you to do this.

BTW, most cellulose is treated with a starch, that activates as a glue when it is sprayed with water mist.
Well the machine im looking at is a cool machine sold through and Brian that runs the company is a former installer. Brian seems to be very knowledgeable, Im going to get training, but Brian says his favorite way to bond his cellulose is to put 1 cofffee can of joint compound per bag of insulation not sure of size of coffee can he is using im sure i will find out. Just wondering if anyone had ever heard of it but from what I have seen Joasis you seem very knowledgable all around the construction field. I'm really wondering if any1 knows much about these machines I know they are made by Dave Krendll and they are called Cool achines and I'm looking at the 3500 model
Any info NE!????
Anyone???? opps typo
I would search craigslist and eBay and buy used. Krendls are great machines, but expensive. Since you have not done this before, I suggest you look for a smaller blower and go cheap to start.
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cool Machines

i have a CM2400 it is a very good machine. im new so i haven't used many. But our factory trainer from Applegate has many years experience and was impressed with the machine.
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