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wet blasting newbeeeee

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Hello all,
I have been looking into blasting to help me become more efficient in surface preparation prior to finishing. I purchased an IR 185 compressor w/a Pro Blast CRS package on a trailer including Clemco personal safety gear. And a ton of media to practice with. A DEAL I COULDN'T PASS UP
I have not been too familiar with blasting until recently. I have owned a remodeling business for over 25 years. We have always used sanders and grinders for surface prep on commercial facilities. What a waste of time and money that was after I viewed a video of a company blasting in 15mins. what would take us hours!!!
I found this site and have really taken in a lot of helpful information in the last couple weeks learning about all the systems avail. I know I want to put together an efficient (dustless) wet system and looked at them all. The Geo Blaster seems to be it based on comments from blasters.
One big question I have is how would my Pro Blast work w/ a Winn nozzle? I have tried to get some info on water consumption of the Winn Nozzle to help determine if is worth buying before I leap into a wet abrasive system ( most comments say it will be a mess ). Or do I just keep my Pro Blast a dedicated dry system.
Boats, cars, parts .... are also another opportunity to keep the equipment running. I know I jumped into this one but I am confident that it will work. I do appreciate any and all input you may provide.
Thanks, MMK
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A win nozzle will give you a reasonable feel for wet blasting. I have a Farrow wet (slurry) blasting system which is a major leap up from a win but IMO you need to learn what your existing equipment is capable of first, then try the win and if you see lots of demand for a full blown slurry blaster then go for it. The Problast would benefit greatly from a media valve upgrade, put some money in that if you want the thing to work really well.
Thanks for the reply sand pot
I know I need to slow down a little and see what my system is capable of. I just tore the pot down and replaced all the galvanized with stainless fittings and valves. I am in the process of ordering new separators for the pot and the compressor along with new s /s fill cap and spare mixing chamber assy.
I did use the system the day I picked it up and was amazed how fast we removed paint from rims, fenders and stuff laying around. I honestly was only looking to buy the compressor to put together a wet system, the blast equip wasn't, advertised but was included. A good bonus considering I was ready to break the bank buying a wet pot.
I am not familiar with the metering upgrades avail. I will look for your advice.
I do want to become as dustless as I can as fast as I can, I do not want to have to worry about polluting the area and having the EPA up my &@?!. I know Dry blasting involves a ton of prep to contain the dust and wet seems costly but,I think I would invest in a wet system to avoid the hassle.
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check this old post about my conversion on a surfacetek pot (same as a problast except not ss)
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Buy a WIN nozzle, before buying a wet system.
The win is around 400 vs 6000

Not saying the dustless is bad, but having s dry pot along with a wet pot is good , your going to need dry at times,

Try the WIN see what it can do, mine is a #5
Max water is around 1 quart per min but can be turned down to less with a small ball valve or turned completely off.
Only draw back with it is you have to manually turn it off and on at the nozzle and sometimes is hard to run the hose, handle and adjust the water
The win is good practice before buying a new pot
Hey Dyer,
I am going to p/u a Win and try to design a streamlined water delivery system to the nozzle. My head has been spinning since I purchased this rig on how to effectively control the dust and the win has always been my first practical choice. A qt. or less a minute seems pretty dry.
This rig has less than 800hrs. and with all the improvements it should not give me any mechanical issues. I just want to focus on blasting. I appreciate your help and glad you contacted me. I have read a lot of your posts in the last few weeks along with the other guys on the site and I amazed how helpful everyone is. As for myself I am computer stupid, a slow two fingered pecker on the keyboard, and have never joined a forum before. So if it takes me a while to reply you know why. "I'm an old school pencil pushin nail bender"
Thanks again
Mmk, I'm a son of a GC house builder, been on the job sense is could even had my own house paint business for awhile

My pot is a Marco, and has a psi hold set up
The air valve that stops the air is spring loaded normally closed
I thought of ( and need to set up soon) a water shut off on mine too.

The gatekeeper valve is used for water or air and I was just going to tap a new one in with my normal ones, thus when my hose comes on it will alow the water to go too
Hey Dyer,
I am going to p/u a Win and try to design a streamlined water delivery system to the nozzle. My head has been spinning since I purchased this rig on how to effectively control the dust and the win has always been my first practical choice. A qt. or less a minute seems pretty dry.
Just attach a small dia flexible plastic line to your blast hose with vinyl tape full length back to your pot and rig up a water hose attachment with a valve at that point, adjust that valve so water is barely dribbling out of the win nozzle. as you blast play with the valve setting until you get desired result
Dyer & Sand Pot,
Thanks for the advice on the win hook-up. I will take a look @ the Marco pot and try to get a better understanding on what you are trying to explain to me. And just maybe I can add a 12V fluid control switch in line with my MAC controls that control my air and media flow thus stopping the water flow when I release the deadman trigger. And using a small dia. line I would run directly to the win ( I would eliminate their clunky hose coupling set up).
Your help is very appreciated, I just realized when I rebuilt my april air a few weeks ago I also installed a d/c solenoid valve that actually has a garden hose type fitting on it. BINGO!!! I will install a holding tank on my trailer with a pump for water and flash rust inhibiter to the valve I will add to my pot, and will have the option for garden hose hook-up when needed.
Let me know what you guys think about that idea.
Thanks for your help, MMK
yur on the right track there . . . btw . . . GO HAWKS!!
Lost interest in football when Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore and then won the Super bowl the following season. What the heck, "GO HAWKS"!!!
I will keep you posted as to if the valve system works. I also came up with another brain storm that may just blow that idea out of the water. I am really starting to enjoy blasting and haven't even really blasted yet.
Sounds like you have a open mind, that's good
Trial and error with your stuff
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