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I have a shallow well with a submersible jet pump, a large pressure tank, and a sand filter/settling tank with chlorine injector for removing iron and sulphur sediments. The system works very well.

However, every few minutes when the water is running from the faucets, the water changes from clear, clean to dark brown for a minue or two and then starts to clear up again.

I suspected backflow through the sand filter and installed 2 backlflow valves; one between the well pump and the pressure tank and another between the sand filter and the pipe to the house. I did them one at a time to see if there would be an improvement. Neither valve, one at a time, or together, have made a difference. The water still turns brown in surges every few minutes.

Anyone experienced this and have a solution for me?

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I have seen this quite often the system is layout as posted and the debris / sediment is pumped into the storage tank and the valve lets it pass into the chemical interchanger. Depending on the space and configuration is going to be the best idea for layout.
The easiest and most inexpensive way is to shut and drain the system down.
The storage tank needs to be disconnected and reinstalled in a laid down position. I know that the tank will have alot of debris in it when disconnected and you may want to purchase a replacement as they only have a four to six year life expectancy. Good Luck
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