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Well, that was a first.

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Just got a cold call from someone who found my info on the internet. Which was surprising on its own, since I have a pretty small web presence. She said she was looking through my photos and noticed I have festool products, so I'm the one she called for a wainscot project.
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That's surprising since most "normal" (wrong word?...maybe) people wouldn't know what Festool was lol. It's not exactly geared (or priced) toward the weekend DIYer.

Good deal that you got the job though, no matter what the reason was. :thumbsup:
Most carpenters around here don't even know what it is, let alone home owners.

I didn't get the job yet, just the phone call. Gonna look at it in a few days. Big wainscoting project. Sounds pretty nice. She even pre qualified herself for me!
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Oh, I see...well then good luck. Hope you get it :thumbsup:

It's always nice when they do some of the work for you (qualifying herself, in this case)
Wait till she finds out what it takes to pay for the Festool.
Its no more expensive but they get a quicker job with less dust but still the same quality. Win Win Win for her lol
Wait till she finds out what it takes to pay for the Festool.
Ummm, hell ya it's more expensive. But when you look back at it, it's usually worth the extra expense.
Pretty sure she knows. She said her husband owns a bunch of festool stuff.

Hope she's not married to guy who had hat video I posted about...
Wait till she finds out what it takes to pay for the Festool.
Oh geez...

Ma'am it will be $5K to do the job. It will be $8K if your husband helps.
Not a direct comparison, but I have gotten several leads from my truck and I am not talking about the lettering on it. I have had neighbors of the project we were working on stop by while I was outside getting something out of or putting something back in my truck. They looked in and saw how neat it was and asked if our work was that neat and organized.

What you use and how you use it can lead to great prospects.
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