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well pump relocation

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Woke up this morning to frozen pipes once again in the well house, heat strips plugged in, heat lamps on,etc.
Is it possible to relocate pump to the mud room where water enters house anyway? The extra 100' of water run, would that strain the pump as far as pulling water vs pushing? Thanks for replying
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Based on it being a 'suction pump' - jet/centrifugal pump - you could in theory get away with 100 more linear feet of horizontal pull. However, there's a maximum suction lift that any pump of this type is capable of delivering, and that maximum also is affected by friction loss (so don't expect this to work with 3/4" pipe). If you're only increasing horizontal run and you have a large enough pipe, the only potential problem I really see you running into is that you now have a lot of room for air leaks to lose prime with.

Now, if you can relocate the pump, and you can keep the old lines in the well house from freezing, why bother? Do what the guy above says - install a submersible pump. In fact, if you've got a 4-1/2" diameter well or larger, you can pretty much stuff all the plumbing in the well these days. Even the tanks!

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I've installed about 10 to 15 over the last couple of years. There was one series where the pressure fill port was mounted to the outside of the tank and appears to bleed off fairly quickly. The rest have the fill port mounted in line - so you have to raise it, unscrew the tank, and the port is inside the pipe end. Those ones are holding pressure and doing really well.

All in all, I like them a lot. You do have to install either a Constant Pressure system or a Cycle Stop Valve, or similar arrangement to control flow rates.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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