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Welcome..GC from Miami, just got an opporunity. Need advice!!!!

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Hello All,

I have been on this forum before but deleted my account because I was inactive in the general contracting business for two years. But recently somebody presented me with an opportunity related to an investor who wants to rehab and flip homes. They will provide 2-15 rehabs per month. More than likely they will be in the Miami,FL proximity.

My question is what I need to get started? Please include in your advice about what laborers I should hire, what insurance and bond do i need?

This is a great opportunity but don't want to blew it.
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I dont know the specifics but i assume its just total rehab of the home like the kitchen and bathrooms. What do I need to get started? Whats your advice?
GC License, Biz lic., Liability insurance, Work Comp, Cash, contract, supply house accounts, truck, tools, reliable subs, general laborer(s), skilled carpenter, etc etc etc

Big bottle of Aspirin....:whistling:laughing:
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Excellent that really helps. Hopefully others chime in. I need as much advice to get a meeting with this person.
Ive been in central Florida for 2 months. I had worked as a sub for for a contractor who was flipping homes. He had 3 different investors he worked for.. The budgets ranged from 10-20k per home. I have noticed that each of these investors all wanted speed and cheap.. That was fine for me as a painter , it was quick money. But for the other work, I just couldnt understand. There were lots of coverups going on. This is because it wasnt included in the budget. What I mean by coverup is..Sheetrocking over termite infested framing, and poor electrical repairs and work behind demoed walls. These areas where usually found when gutting a bath or kitchen. All 3 of these investors from different walks of life ignored these issues..And would not allow this contractor to address these issues, because it would exceed there budget. I stopped doing work for this contractor after 3 seperate homes. Hope this helps a little. I can provide more stories and answers if needed
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Finding out precisely what they want you to do is critical first step. That way you can setup your team to meet their needs.

Good luck!
Thanks so much. This does really help !!
excellent.thanks for the reply. Totally appreciate it.
Florida worst place for Painting Co. all don't want to pay correctly
Florida worst place for Painting Co. all don't want to pay correctly
I wouldn't say all.:no:
You just have to set yourself apart from the competition to attract the quality customers. :thumbsup:
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