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Weird contractor?

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Ok, so theres a guy I know who does trim carpentry, but doesn't use nails, he uses hot glue. He just smothers the stuff on like PB&J and holds the peice to the wall/ceiling with masking tape, how stupid huh? Sometimes for bigger peices he uses liquid nails, or wood glue.

This is the best part, one day the HO found out what he was doing and fired him. I coulden't stop laughing, he said "That b&%* fired me for no f***n reason!!!" I told him he was crazy for using glue instead of nails, and said the reason why you have to keep coming back to peoples houses is because your a dumbbell who can't use the right stuff.

Please S.O.T., or I'll report your post.
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does he come from a commercial background?
....wipe that upper lip off mike, should take care of it...:w00t:
Please S.O.T., or I'll report your post.
I cant find the FU smiley,
so I owe you 5 across the street
:w00t: :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Give the guy some credit, he step up to glue from this :

SOT J...

does this contractor use the hot glue for caulking also.
if not you might suggest it
I use hot glue. Only behind small cabinet crown that I put up with titebond and pin nails, after it is all up I run a bead of hot glue behind it. Works great.

I might have to try and get a post reported, I feel like being a rebel today.
You want me to report you? I'll do it....You know I will :laughing:
What the heck is SOT?

Solar Optical Telescope
Ship Observations Team
Society of Toxicology

This guy comes in with 75 posts and threatens to report long time posters :laughing:
Go ahead, make my day!!:shifty:

And SOT you SOB!!:laughing::laughing:

He all ready gave us his run down of his acronyms, SOT was like stay on topic or something like that.
You want me to report you? I'll do it....You know I will :laughing:
well, i've just reported this entire about them apples?
Stay on topic. Here. Come on. The first 10-20 posts are always on topic. But then........
Crap, we are all looking at some hard time now. Way to go guys,
I wasn't about to ask :no: :laughing:
SOT=suck off trannies
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