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You could use more color,
try adding a second photo in your "benefits" area make sure that the photo has colors in it.

Also try a gradient background instead of plain grey.

In the near future I would suggest you upgrade your logo to a professional done one.

Overall it looks nice.

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I'm going to try to get some color before and after pictures, but haven't gotten there yet. Thanks for the suggestions!


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Here is my on-page search engine optimization recommendation list...

1. You need a proper title tag; see here
2. You need a proper meta tag description; see here
3. 301 redirect non-www root domain to www root domain; see here
4. 301 redirect index.html to your root domain name; see here
5. Use heading tags to properly structure content; see here
6. Create search engine friendly urls; see here
7. Create a valid XML Sitemap; see here
8. Use the alt atttribute & proper image filenames; see here
9. Create a valid robots.txt file; see here
10. Add more unique quality content to the site

Here is my visual recommendation list....

1. Increase the width of the web pages throughout the site.
2. Remove your e-mail in text format up top, you'll get tons of spam if you don't.
3. Provide way more professional content on each web page.
4. Consider a more user friendly color scheme with a wider pallet.
5. Your logo needs to be done professional.

There are other on-page seo issues and visual issues, but let some others on CT give their opinion and feed off of my list. Best of luck and shoot me a PM if you need any help.

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- very impersonal - even the name doesn't seem to mean anything.

- I would think your customers may be interested in saving money through lower energy costs. What are the savings and will you do an home audit to measure heat loss?

- What are the other advantages of a better insulated garage?

- Will you insulate the other exterior walls as well (or do you work with some company that does?)

- detailed online estimate form would help along with estimated energy reduction.

- no address even a postal box?

If you think about it you could expand your business into different directions focusing on the garage and how people use this space and solve a whole range of problems for the homeowner. And I think your site could be a little better designed.

I am not a marketing person, or a copywriter, or business consultant (I'm an engineer) so all this could be just BS.
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