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From my experience, zip codes won't get you counties. They are independent from each other. I do taxes in about 18 counties in 3 states, & it's a total cluster! The state sites show zip maps, & county maps, but you really need roadmap overlays to get down to specicic locations. I usually end up doing searches for given communities to get county lines. There has to be a better way!
What really sucks is that the builder knows the county, but won't put it on the PO, & won't do the proper tax on the po's! We are on pace to do 1,000 jobs /yr now, & is a major pia!:rolleyes:

Just to make thing even more of a cluster, Ohio just upped the statewide rate 1/4%. Now my po's are wrong on several levels, & reports have to all add up.

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zip codes

Go to

This software has many filters for radius and the ad says it does counties.

I can't remember, but the software was about $39.

I think you need the radius finder. If you have problems switching the format I will help you.

Our monthly updated U.S. ZIP code database with U.S. demographics has every ZIP Code in the U.S.
Our Canadian Postal CodeOM database has every Canadian Postal Code
Our ZIP code maps allow you to carve out sales territories and view the ZIP Code boundaries
ALL our databases come with a FREE ZIP code finder, Radius Search, and Distance Calculator
We update our Databases EVERY month with LICENSED Postal Service data
ZIP Codes by City, State, County, MSA, CBSA, and many other geographical areas
Boundary Data - get the boundaries of any Zip Code or County

I have the software and if you give me a county I will see what I can do.
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