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So i thought i hired a guy it was made i put it on here for review and went back to him with said changes he didnt want to do it, No time etc etc. Hosting site hit his credit card 3 times and after that they threw it in the barrel. So i can pay $150.00 bucks to restore the site and 150.00 for site hosting for 3 years or i can just pay someone to make a site i like . I am soo damn mad i emailed the site builder and flammed him asking if he thought my business was a joke becase I dont think it is!!

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The company who built my site has caught up with their back-log and is now accepting new customers.

Click on my signature link and then click on the Web Masters name at the bottom to contact them.

All I can say is that they are very customer service oriented and give you as much time as you want or need for a very reasonable price.

If you have any questions about them or others, feel free to contact me and I will discuss some things to consider for help.


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Some Jobs

Some of my past website designs:
Still designing that one

I design and maintain the site for you using GOOGLE, Cheap and POWERFUL, and 1000% reliable. If you go down or offline then that means there down - and that's just not gonna happen...!!!!

Thank you Andy for the kind words, I think you might just offer the same, your site you did looks great.

And My Site:
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