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Weatherready decking

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Anybody of you guys used Weatherready decking from
I have a deck builder in Washington State asking for my opinion but I never used it.
Love to hear some feedback if you do.
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Never used it My Friend but big red flag comes up when I read Revolutionary and will not expand or cotract. Track record is the only bottom line, only way to get that is fasten it down and wait. JonMon
The stuff looks like Ameradeck decking that I like using. This stuff is a solid board tho & set up for HFS with a groove.

The pvc decking does not expand & contract like other composites, I cut it tight on joints. It does not absorb stains & is scratch resistant.

All that said I can build someone a garapa deck for less $ than composite & can do ipe for the same $ as most composites & less than the high dollars ones like azek. Most folks that want composite I steer away from it towards ipe, did it on the last 2 decks I completed.

For those that just have to have composite I try to sell them Ameradeck. Face screwed with Headcoats it looks pretty good, I like the stuff.

The thing with so many composites is how long are they going to be in business. It always seems like a crapshoot buying from a new composite company. If I were to recommend one I'd say go with one of the more established companies, not a new one.
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I have used Gossen once on a small deck ... Very similar to Azek
The tropic colors are extremely expensive. The nice thing about Gossen - is they have grooved boards over Azek which does not. They do not have a railing system.
Far as price goes, Al you are so right. I just bid a project around a School 1000 sq ft the money was around $11,500 for moisture shield The George at East Teaks bill was $4,500 for ipe. It was a gloified walk way with a 38' wheel chair ramp so everything was 5' and 6' and George had a lot of those to turn but still thats a lot of differance. J.
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just did a big deck with weather ready
Good things
cuts nice
easy to clean
looks good

Bad things
blind fastening used the tiger claws as recomended did not work very well
I used a lighter color It is blinding in the sun
it does expand and contract
slippery when wet
very weak at 16 oc their is flex between joists

I will never use it again
I t would be one thing if it had a great price point
but it is equal or a little more than its comp

just my experience and thoughts
good luck
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thanks for the response,
very useful information.
I will forward it to my friend in Washington State.
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