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Weatherization Progam

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According to this article, there's $4.7B in federal funding being given to the states for this program.

Does anyone have experience and/or success working with this program?

If so, how are you doing it? Are you working directly with HUD, or another state agency?

I can't find much about it on my state's HUD site (Indiana).
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2nd link is an Indiana training center - some states require training, some don't

More info in the other pages on the program - good luck, this looks like a big mess the way everything is setup
Around here, the program is administered by local community action agencies. Looks like it's the same in Indiana. has some links about training, etc.

I've been working with the agency here for about three years. It's not the cleanest job there is. Some of the houses we work on are pretty rough. But it is work. Sure wouldn't hurt to call your local Community Action and see if you can get a feel for how they are to work with.
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Thanks guys.

I made contact with the local group that administers this program here today.

They're looking for insulation and "air-sealing" contractors. There's an application/proposal process and there are free classes that you must take in order to qualify.

I'll post the results if this goes anywhere.
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