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Waterproofing sub-floor edging? Recomendations.

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I am waterproofing a basement by removing the slab edge and installing a drainage pipe for groundwater to be drained to a sump pump. Has anyone used J Drain 400 for the floor edging (goes on the footer against the block) and if so what is your opinion on the product?
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Waterproofing Sub-floor Edging.

Went ahead and went with the J Drain 400 sub floor edging and it worked well. It is easy to manipulate and cut to whatever size is needed. I bought a 50' x 4' roll from Form Services for about $150. I only used a very small portion of it. Lowes also carries basically the same stuff for about $90 but the roll is 25' x 2'. If anyone would like to buy the remaining off of me I would be glad to sell because I don't usually do waterproofing.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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