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Waterproofing choices?

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I am looking at a waterproofing job. Water is going under the house. I am re-routing gutter downspouts, french drain below footer, and going to do some type of waterproof application on the brick and block.

I have been doing some research on Drylok. Looks like 50-75 sq ft coverage per coat. Can I spray it out of a regular paint sprayer? is it best to roll it? Any other product recomendations?
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if its new construction, tuff-n-dry w/protection board (r3 rating). get an tuff-n-dry accredited installer and don't apply to green concrete. if you're opening up the foundations to an existing home, use wr grace. applied membrane. power wash first, bentonite sock, and then apply wr grace. their website has some pdf files you can download for details.
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