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HI after some advice if possible. Am currently in the process of buying a new house and viewed it on Friday. I noticed a big puddle in the living room and various wet patches on the ceiling and walls. Apparantly the water tank had leaked and will be replaced. IS there anything i should look out for as far as permanent damage as a result of this, should i insist on anything being replaced ie the floor upstairs etc

Your help will be greatly appreciated

Steve :)

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Oops, I forgot we are in 06 now. Where did last year go? Wonder how he made out?

Yes there are a number of things you need to insist on.

1) Any insulation MUST be replaced
2) Sheetrock should be replaced and usually has to be if they are replacing the insulation.
3) Wood Floors could very well warp now or soon as the water evaporates.
4) Insist on some type of warentee against future problems such as mold growth.

Aside from wood floor damage, To insure you don't have future problems this is what I do.

1) remove all sheetrock and insulation within the field of damage. Where it leaked through is not the only place it is wet.
2) Remove all wet insulation.
3) let air dry
4) spray all exposed wood with a bleach/water mixture to prevent mold growth
5) let air dry
6) re insulate and sheetrock
7) finish as needed

With the wood floors you have to wait to see if they warp. If they do, rip them up.

Most importantly: was the water heater replaced? Hopefully not yet and you can get a tankless water heater and never worry about this again.

Feel free to contact me personally: [email protected]
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