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Water tank leaked new house advice needed

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HI after some advice if possible. Am currently in the process of buying a new house and viewed it on Friday. I noticed a big puddle in the living room and various wet patches on the ceiling and walls. Apparantly the water tank had leaked and will be replaced. IS there anything i should look out for as far as permanent damage as a result of this, should i insist on anything being replaced ie the floor upstairs etc

Your help will be greatly appreciated

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I think that I would look at another house. I doubt that a house for sale will be properly repaired. Water has a way of getting into the darndest places. I would be concerned about rusting drywall fasteners and metal studs, if used. Electrical switches and receptecles. Flooring fasteners. Mold.
Without opening up the walls and ceilings, that water could be around for a long time. I'm currently replacing drywall that is still damp from the storms that we had last Sept.
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