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Water Stained Brick Fireplace

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I am working in a home that had some water damage due to a busted toilet supply line. The water came down the wall and saturated the red brick fireplace. The mortar is stained brown and the brick doesn't look all that great. Is there a way to clean it with acid or some other solution. Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried to just wash it with water and a scrub brush?

Step 2. Soap and water

Step 3. Contact a mason and have him determine the best cleaning solution available.

Not very hard to make the problem worse in this case.
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Acid won't touch it. Go to a fireplace/wood stove shop.
First try a new wire brush with soap and water. If that is no good then try a diluted HCL solution 1:10 and work your way up to a 50/50 solution. If that does not work try Safe-Restore - Prosoco product.
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