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Water soaked exterior wall

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My buddy bought this house. We live in soCal, when it rains his carpet and drywall get wet. Dug a trench along the western facing wall. Should we apply a sealant to the outside wall? Any ideas to help keep it dry?

There is a drain in the center of that rock area. But its not very deep at all. Not sure i have enough depth to properly slope to it. About four inches down the wall i hit foundation.

Thanks for any help. We are gonna let it air out....not sure how long. Will that wall ever dry out or should they consider removing some drywall on the inside?

Soil Floor Asphalt
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i would water proof everything below grade along the entire wall, dig down along entire wall! then backfill and try to put more dirt along the wall to try to pitch the water toward the fence:thumbsup:
also if applicable in your area chk the gutter if theres one there clean it so its not over flowwing, chk the pitch, maybe add extensions to push the roof run off further from the house!
if theres no gutter see if one can be applied :thumbsup:
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Is asphalt emulsion the sealant we should buy?
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