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I saw a "beautiful" DIY job today but was embarrassed I didn't know any of the "right" ways to do it better.

Sheathing under the vinyl is pine boards. It is flush with the face of the brick. How do I know this you ask? It doesn't show in the pic, but the pine sheathing is plainly visible from just standing in the right spot and looking at it, thru that gap between the vertical vinyl-clad board and the brickwork. After scoffing at the crappy DIY job (my HO's predecessor) humility struck when I realized I don't know how to do it "right" either. I could make a much better guess, but would rather ask you fulltime siders how you handle this situation. Please help? Here's more details:

The vinyl siding is set in a J-channel that is butted up against some... 2x3? 2x4? I forget. Anyway whatever dimension of that vertical 2x material, it's simply nailed on top of the pine sheathing and it is covered with a very wide U-shaped piece of vinyl (a U-channel?) on 3 sides. The only fasteners holding that U-shaped piece to the 2x material are on the face that is up against the J-channel. The opposite face, towards the old brickwork, is loose and flapping in the breeze in places (shoulda snapped a closeup so you could gasp!). Worse, along the entire height of the wall the vinyl just comes close to the outside corner of the brickwork and there isn't any sign of flashing or caulking.

Much to my surprise, the pine sheathing doesn't look too rotted despite its exposure to the Alleghany mountain climate.

Anyway, how DO you keep water out of the joint between wood sheathing and brickwork on a flush surface?

Thanks for the education,


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