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There is this one small city nearby where I live I can drive around all day long and take pictures like this. I'm not even sure if the pipe thing is actually structural. It may be a drain pipe. The deck...3rd story, looks like 2x6 FJ's, look at the rim. It's obviously dropped considerably. At least they have 4x4's going through the lower roof for support. That deck frightens me. I can't imagine if the people upstairs have children or drunken parties.

"yeah...bathroom, last door on left"
That is terrible. Bro, you should knock on the door and tell them not to use the deck before someone gets killed, you might even get a job to redo the deck. The guy who built that deck should be :hang:

Imagine they have kids or a party and that thing goes down. That is not right.:furious:
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