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Wasted another snow day!

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Last night as the snow was starting to fall, I grabbed my laptop, tool bags, etc. out of the truck because I was going to be snowed in today. I had my plans all lined up. I was going to separate the trash from the tools in my bags, get caught up on emails and other administrative stuff, make phone calls, etc.

Instead I slept in until 9, I sat in my underwear eating leftovers and watching TV until noon and at quarter to 1, I finally got into the shower, got dressed, and finally decided to do something productive.

What bothers me is that it seems like I do this EVERY time I get an unexpected day off and I don't get my self in gear until late in the afternoon..long after the productive part of the day.

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Was 60 above yesterday , now snowing today, so once again too a day shot. We get wet sloppy stuff this time of the year.
Sometimes you need a day like that to give your mind and spirit a rest. My problem is I've had too many of those this Winter. Rain and slow business, bad combo. If it is just an occasional day or so, enjoy.
That's just it.. I have plenty of time to rest at the end of the day, over the weekends, and I still have had too many snow days. Thankfully I am learning how to build snow days into my budget so that my guys can still get paid on unexpected situations like this.
I think you must be drinking the same water I am. I did the same thing. I knew today was going to be a snow day, planned on doing paper work and some tool repair.

Didn't get up until 9:00 am. Sat in my underwear, looking at the computer. Finally got dressed because I was getting cold in just the underwear. Took so long getting started that almost felt like it wasn't worth it.

Next time I'm gonna set the alarm for the normal time, get up, and try and treat it like a normal workday.

Lazy S.O.B.
You did yourself in by treating it as a day off, you even prepped for it. I have found that its best to know about a day off but act like its not happening. That way i dont psych myself out.

So I'll watch the weather, then just wait until i wakeup to officially call it a day. That way my mind/body is in "work mode"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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