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Workin' what are you?
Just opened my own place in March '09
Miscelleanious and ornamental iron. Some black smithing. Aint wide open but I'm ahead of the tax collector, bill collector and the grim reaper, to boot.
Been welding almost steady since I was 14 (I remember watching, Apollo 14 and Nixon resign, live, if that shows you that I'm not 14 anymore) Been fabbing and welding professionally for over 15 years.

Here's what I've done since March '09 If you don't mind me pimpin' my crap.

doubleudoubleudoubleu dot appironworks dot com.

If you do mind me pimpin my crap sorry (and scr3w you! no just kidding)
Well crap now everybody here hates me, too.
I really don't like you either.

I'm just another a-hole welder.

you know why we're a- holes?
'cuz there's a world full of people out there who think it is their personal duty in life to p1ss us off!

What will a welder tell you a mason is?
a welder who fell off one too many beams.

What will a mason tell you a welder is?
A mason who got hit on the head by one too many cinder blocks.

You hear the one about the bridge building welder?
He wondered why he could build bridges all his life and still never be called a bridge builder, and you could puff one peter and be called a peter puffer for the rest of your life.

No seriously, Hi I'm Brian (and you care, why?)

Y'all was so exited about this welding forum and are kinda dull.

Let's spice it up. Show me what you've been workin' on, if it aint top secret eye's only. No pictures or cameras at work.

I worked at one place that had that policy. It was a sheetmetal shop that had a couple of cool projects. Hatch hardware for the M1 Abrams, and filter frame parts for the first couple of space shuttles. No lie, unless I was lied to, too.

Speaking of which, did we really go to the moon or was what I saw on tv, while waiting for the school bus, just shot in some studio?

Or lets tell lies and cuss each other! I don't know.
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