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Wash Bay Paint

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I am in the process of drawing the spec's for a wash bay inside of an automotive repair shop. Block walls, sloped floor to trough, etc. What type of epoxy/sealant is recommended to keep the water in? Concrete, on grade, slab, assumiong no moisture barrier beneath.
Thank you.
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The material for the block walls will be different than what you can use on a sloped floor. Block walls will need a special non-slumping 2-part epoxy paint that is the right viscosity to fill substrate pores and divets, but will also stay where you put it on a vertical surface. As to the floor, in assuming you have no moisture barrier underneath the slab, there's concern about a thinner product "blowing off" from moisture vapor pressure coming up from underneath the slab. A urethane concrete mortar may be your best bet. Take special care to spec proper coving around the floor-wall joints, as well as around the drain. Good luck!
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Hey, thanks for that vote of confidence! Much obliged!
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