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war stories

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It’s 6am on Monday and the delightful peal of the Nokia ring tone, makes me cringe as to the reason for it, “ what friggin now” I think. I grit my teeth…
“Yo brooksy, listen, I ain’t coming in today, my kid got bit by the ****in dog and I was at the hospital till 3”
I ask, “who‘s this“?
It’s Jimmy!
I plead, “can’t your old lady take care of him“?
Jimmy retorts, “she gotta go get her hair done in Havertown“.

Now at this point I want to scream because I have jimmy scheduled to go to Bryn Mawr to meet the cabinet delivery and all the other guys MUST,MUST,MUST be where they are going…. ,

Beeeeep, it’s the other line , %$##$^^&$##@@@@!!!! I look at the caller id, it’s Steve, I tell Jimmy to hold on a sec.
I half jokingly scream WHAT!!!! into the phone.
Steve mumbles, “something’s wrong with my truck, it won’t start and I can’t use the old ladies car, she’s gotta lunch thing“.
”hold on” I grumble
Back to Jimmy, I lightly growl, “yo Jimmy what the hell, I told you on Friday I needed you to meet the cabinets in bryn mawr”
Jimmy unflinchingly , “what can I do, I gotta watch the kid”
Steve, holding for 10 seconds, hangs up.
( expletive deleted) I’ll call you back, I yell.

I redial Steve; no answer; I try again, no answer, ten more times, no answer. @#$%$%%####$%$%^%$###$%[email protected]@!!! I take a deep breath.

I have to cover for jimmy now, and I have no idea what Steve is doing; doloolooloo dooloolooloo dooloolooloo,-It’s Steve.
“ Sorry dude my phone was upstairs getting charged“ he explains, “wait a second it’s jimmy” he blurts.

STE….!!! I scream.
I wait.
Then I wait some more
I continue to wait
The waiting starts to be painful;------ my head begins to throb;----- my pulse is increasing; I think I may die……………… and ……………… Steve hangs up on me.

I can’t scream at these guys because if I even raise my tone a little bit, they’ll just say, “%$#@ you” I have worked with these guys for most of our working lives and I need to understand that , **** happens.

One of my guys is a former union tile installer; unfortunately he hates Mondays. Sometimes he’ll work 10 Mondays in a row, but when I have an extremely important job to do, scheduled for a Monday, he will, for some bizarre reason be nowhere to be found.
Now of course, this happens to be one of those Mondays. I start calling him at 7, no answer, I try at 7:30, still no answer, I leave a message; 8:00, still no answer.

I beat my cat mercilessly. ; )

I start calling every 5 minutes, letting it ring until the answering machine comes on and hanging up. I may as well be trying telepathy, it would probably get better results.

Now I still need to cover the cabinets at 10:00; I have to call the client with the tile job and make up some inane excuse as to why their bathroom that I promised will be tiled today, won’t.

I have two appointments at 10 and 11:30, of course they are miles from the cabinet delivery.

Again the nokia rears its’ ugly head; It’s the cabinet company, “ Robert”?
“Yes“, I reply.
“ We are down two trucks today, and we won’t be able to make the delivery” they inform me.
I wonder to myself if the dispatcher can hear me crying, I bite my tongue and ask “so I can pick them up, right“? I beg.
“sure” they gleefully reply.

Oh God, please in the name of all that is holy, I beg of You, send an asteroid to destroy the earth and all its inhabitants; I look up to the sky, no such luck!

God I love this business….
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easy.....easy....step back.....from....the phone
just enjoying a typical monday

I wrote that a week ago and saved it, I figured it would help to lighten the end of the week mood. peace.
That is one of the best posts I have ever read here. Welcome and I see you'll have a lot to share with us.:thumbsup:
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That is one of the best posts I have ever read here. Welcome and I see you'll have a lot to share with us.:thumbsup:

Yes, true, but can he ask intelligent pricing questions? :laughing: :whistling :shutup:
Finally someone who understads my life. G:thumbsup:
Finally someone who understads my life. G:thumbsup:
It's nice to see that others experience the 'finer' times of life too.
This one's on the list for best post of '09.
You will never need to ask why I got rid of all of my guys. My son can't hang up on me......I let him deal with the laborers we use now. I feel lots better....and quit smoking also.

Thanks for the positive feedback. I posted this last monday on craigslist rants and raves, it went over like a lead ballon. I had never posted on a contractors only site, but I figured you fellow contractors would get a kick out of it. You have to admit our days are filled with angst sometimes but hey, that's why we make the big bucks:laughing:

If you want to be a millionaire contractor start off with two million!
Remind me to share the funny cell phone story....
Yes, true, but can he ask intelligent pricing questions? :laughing: :whistling :shutup:
Doesn't strike me as the type of guy who has to.:laughing:

Welcome Punchlist...Great short story
Amusing post, but you really need to get a handle on your employees.

Who runs the business, You or Them?

Welcome to the site and stick around. I appreciate anyone who copy/pastes lengthy diatribes from a Word document to really articulate a point.

Welcome punchlist. Just remember "If it was easy everybody would be doing it!" :w00t:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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