I'm looking for a LP forklift, at least 3k lb capacity, 15' or so lift height. Either cushion or solid pneumatic tire.

My current lift is a Toyota LP paper mill unit. Cushion tire. Fork positioner. 10k lb lift. It weighs about 15k. Only lifts about 8' though. I will include the 10k lb capacity Cascade paper clamp if yours is a great unit. What are you gonna do with that? IDK, but don't throw it away, you might need it to trade for a taller forklift later. 8' factory built fork extensions available.

There's an oil drip and a significant antifreeze leak. It's not a head gasket - oil is fine. I think it's a hose or fitting. But hey, it's orange!

I'm redoing my shop space with pallet racking and need a different setup. I have truck and trailer to deliver mine and pick yours up.
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