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Want to Qualify a License?

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Qualifying license

I've been thinking about using my license (California/General Contractor) to qualify some one else's operation. Googled "RMO" and found this sight.
Your brand-new CONNEX site might be just what I need.

I haven't thought this through yet, but it does seem like I'd be very vulnerable to errors and omissions/misfeasance and malfeasance.
Seems like I would have to either be very hands on (as the the name implies) or very trusting - for those people who want to pay a few bucks to use my license.

How does this really work? Anybody out there have experience they want to share?

Thanks. Hey, I'm new; I don't have fancy pix or snappy one liners yet.
Welcome to CT bradgunn.

You would have to be "hands on." Any projects done under your classification would be your responsibility.

I think the phrase... "use my license" is what I'll need to attempt to eliminate. One person/party/company can't legally "use" the license of another.

Two examples:
1) You become the qualifier on an existing or
2) You become the qualifier on a new license.

Maybe the existing license lost their qualifier and is looking for a replacement.

Maybe a construction company from another state wants to do work in your state and they need an "in-state" qualifier.

I hope this helps. :thumbsup:
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Ummmm....your link goes to a site that connects contractors and homeowners on Long Island- not contractors and license holders......
Thanks for pointing that out! It's a .net site and I have to get used to that. All my sites are .com's. I corrected the link above. Thanks again.
OK Mr. Guru, Thanks for your prompt an helpful response. Now, to get some response (experience and opinions) from other posters, I think I should have put my request some where else. Can you tell me how I find my way to the right place?
Thanks again.
CGC - Looking to Qualify a Company

I am CERTIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR in Florida. I am looking for a position as a Qualifying Agent/Project Manager for a company. I have 6 years experience. I am tired of stress of hustling for work and just want a full time position working for someone else. Contact me if I can be of assitance. [email protected] thanx.
I received your submission and have added you to my database. I'll contact you if I find a suitable match.

Thank you.

I am CERTIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR in Florida. I am looking for a position as a Qualifying Agent/Project Manager for a existing company. I have 5 years experience. Please contact me with any assistance that anyone can provide. [email protected] thanks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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