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I am a novice for some things but after many years I
understand that I can learn quickly with a push.

The post is long but all I need first is to get through outside
and inside stucco for services. I'm buying tools for it.
Need some advice. Thanks

Here's the full post.

Q. Hi. My name is Andre. I live in my own home in a very hot
area (Western USA) and need to work on the home. Questions
I have are related to getting through the wall so as to bring

I've seen so many homes where services are brought in through a
hole and feed through. I don't like the looks of these for

a. Cable /TV

b. Gas Lines

c. Water lines

d. Phone lines.

One room I hope to start on one room and finish before October 30.

The house outside and inside is stucco with a 4" wall thickness and
no insulation The house was built in 1945.

What I want to do is to bring in cable TV and a gas line. The phone already
comes through a feed through at about 6" from the floor height but
it's not in the ideal location for the other services.

I'd like to know first what is the smart way to get through the
stucco to the inside? I'll be buying new tools for this project.

Next quest is about appearance and quality. Is there a bulkhead
panel that might look better inside and / or outside which would
have everything I might want for now and later? Later means I
will wnt a network. I don't want wireless.

One thing about the network is that I believe we'll see automation
takeoff very well. I may be mistaken but my experience tells me
that sensors will be used extensive in the future and those might
have their own IP or may use a dedicated networking.

That's why a bulkhead panel inside and out seems right to me.

I'm capable of making my own bulkhead panels. My background
is that I got my degree in electronics and went to Cal Poly University
where one large project was to build something. I hand made an
complete digital system including the bent aluminum casing and
all of the holes and lens mountings. I could do that again if
we all think the bulkhead panel idea is worthwhile.

For now some help with getting through the wall is my first priority.

What are my choices for tools and bits or saws to get through inside
and outside stucco?

Thank you very much.

I hope to make both video and photos for others to see want I'm doing.

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