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Walnut Shell

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Just bought 6 bags of shell today from Marco.
Close to $17 / 50 lb bag dont know about shipping coast yet. Forgot to ask but I know from pass business Marco isn't cheep for shipping.:eek:

Looking for a surplier on the east coast (upper part near Maine?)

Can you guys give any good reference to jobs that can be done with Walnut?

and maybe some "how the job came out" testamony's

Thanks :thumbsup:
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Surface tek ships out of NY I think. Been a while since I got my walnut from them. I think it was about Three or so per bag for two skids. Although you are further away. There's is a rather fine grade. It has worked quite well for me as I said in an earlier thread on boats and autos. Safe on glass rubber chrome. and no ph trouble for painting.
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I ordered some from Marco, wanted to try the walnut shell and I had them on the phone for parts any way.
I only got 6 Bags to see, at 17 a bag (50lb)
After the shipping cost 46 ea. Holly #$#^ :censored:

Who would buy just a few bags? (Except me...)
That’s why I usually buy in bulk

Need a some suppliers to call, anyone else got some people up northeast I can call?
google search n.t. ruddock they are out of ohio... and cheaper than marco...or surface tek
Todd I just went to Ruddock. It seems walnut is the one thing they don't supply.
i did not know that...i have only bought soda and starblast from them but knew they had a bunch of other medias...i would have guessed they had walnut.
ecoshell in California is where we ordered ours for a project about a year ago. I have found that they are one of the largest if not the largest supplier of blasting shells. I want to say we paid 2,300 for 8k lbs, i could be wrong.
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I'm going to look at a Log cabin soon. It has a coat of failling Stain called SEKINS. the stain has been used by a co. called lindall cedar for years.
its a thick polly like stain. should come off prety good.

Question is: SODA, Walnut or Glass

Has anyone had any good luck with any of these?

I did a cedar shake house with regular stain, used soda and it worked ok
some groving?

any help thanks
dont waste your time, go glass, its enviro friendly and you can tell the customer that the fine glass that is left behind by the blasting (crap you can't clean very well after general clean up post job completion) is used as an airation aggregate by lawn companies but you wont charge them for it :}
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I tested a fine grade of glass on a log home. The contractor ended up having his own guys do it I think but we both liked the results of the test. I was cautioned by a guy who has done many to blow it off so it does not glitter in sun light.
I've used the Course and Midium Glass alot.
Just did a analist of materials and I bought more glass than soda this year. WOW

Do you think a medium Glass will work. I have not tryed to run a fine through my new marco yet.

I had thought Glass to, I did some interior wooden doors. Hard Paint.
the med glass worked ok but had to move fast... I think a fine would of been better.

When I ran medium walnut (full 50lb Bag), I keeped getting air pockets in the tank.
Had to choke it with the triger (on/off/on) I liked the results of the walnut but I think I got heavy a grade. I had to run it really rich?
The walnut I got from surface tek is pretty fine. I have never had one clog using it. I could ask them what grade it is and compare with what you got.

It might be nice if your customer can have his stain guy try a patch where you have used your choices. It will have a little different look with each I think and let them decide which they like. I was also told it is very important to maintain about the same distance and pressure so that the stain looks consistant. He said a ladder is very hard to use because you get closer as you go up and it may change the finnish. One thing with walnut is you don't have to worry about the glass. I also heard that cob can somtimes get imbedded and then turn to mold or somthing like that and cause a problem later. I wouldn't know my self I never used it.
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The walnut from Marco is Med so they told me. It seems like it’s a heavy grade.
When I used it in the blast pot I had just used Medium Glass. the glass is much finer then the walnut, so I ended up having to adjust.
I did like the results of the walnut, and think I would use it in shop more than the soda, because of dust.
I’m calling surface tek and the eco-shell company out in cal for prices soon.
Betterblast, Thanks for the offer...
I Hope the pic came out.

Looked at log cabin to day, not a cabin its a hug house but I think it might be OK.
Guys not worried about wood, says it'll give the paint something to bit to.?
Wants Glass but I want to try walnut, he agreed to let me play with soda, walnut and glas on some test spots.
might get to stain too.
I try to post a pic off it to night.


Log Home as of 10/27/09

Here is a pic of front of house
walnut would bee better for windows
will let every one now how it works on test & pic's too.


I'd use walnut or cob on the section with all the glass and crushed glass on the rest. You could even hit all the window trim and facia with the walnut that way you don't have to do any taping. You can recycle the walnut shell several times. Soda is going to be too expensive and messy.
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Jim, although I agree with Crank on the walnut on the count of fity thousand worth of glass you dont want to have to replce, I have to say you should consider sticking with only one media. I believe you may get a very different look from walnut than glass of any size. The stain will not look even. As far as reusing the walnut, You couldn't if it was mixed with glass. I also would always price everything for all new media. You can't be productive on a job that big if your sweeping and sifting and when it won't go through the pot because it gets rained on or has to much crud in it you will go broke paying for all new your self.
Dyer, what are the windows trimed or caped with ,anodized aluminum, painted wood? You might get away with rhino tape if it will come off clean or put it over blue tape if it will hold to it well enough.
Windows are aluminum. tinking about taping with hull tape on edges and going with walnut if I can get it for a good price.
Q:Rhino Tape? Dont know that one.

Just some info. House was stained just 3 years ago, (Paint looking) stain it's failing bad. think this guy got rooked bad by a painter in the area.
the local log cabin builder told the guy $18,000. to strip then more $$ to paint. wow any price I give gonna feel better... :eek:
I meant to say Gorilla tape. It's duct tape that is extra thick and sticky. Lowes has it.
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