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Walmart vinyl plank spec

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Can anyone tell me the Walmart Supercenter spec of their vinyl plank wood grain pattern in their apparel areas. Ive seen 2 types. 1 is 6x48 glue down another 6 7/8"x 36 7/8" snap and click vinyl plank. This one has me stumped on the manufacturer. Any knowledge greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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The product in walmart is a full spread, no locking on commercial. I just did an IVC moduleo for Restaurant Impossible here in Jersey. That product is awesome to work with. Its a little pricey but really nice.
I have a repair to do. I believe the original install was about 3-5 yrs ago. They have some water damage which I need to replace several planks. I lifted one up and saw the vinyl plank snap and click feature on the back.
I know Karndean use to be in most Walmarts.
I've heard that before also. It would surprise me to see a floating product.
They are glue direct here and the floor prep was not good.
I would be interested in knowing what click floor holds up in a Walmart...
Karndean sells them direct. I've heard that Solarbrite got a few, but I'm pretty sure it's Karndean.
Thanks all for your comments. I have used Kardeen at other locations. I was just notified, they will provide materials for this repair. Ill let u know the manufacturer once i start the job.
Name the product? The replacement was sent without labels. Still dont know the manufacturer or distributer. Any ideas? 7"x37" vinyl plank with snap and click edges. Approx 3/16 to 1/4 thickness. Thanks for the help.


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I haven't sold Karndean in a while but I believe their floating floor is a loose plank method, not a snap together so that would rule that out. It doesn't look like the correct construction for Coretec either. That leave several hundred generic LVPs to choose from. Most of the rest are made about the same. Knowing Walmart they probably hooked up with a Chinese or Korean company and are importing it directly.
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Looks like something is written inside the directional arrow on the back..
Thanks for the comments. PVC is only written on the back. I didn't see any brand names.
Its either Amtico or Metro or the other dozen companies who have knocked off that patent.

Find out who did the job. Ask around. You could probably make three phone calls and get to the bottom of it.
Get some sample and bring it to the store.
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