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WA State L&I Contractor Training

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So, Washington State Labor and Industries keeps sending notices for their free contractor training day. The timing and/or location usually doesn't work for me. However, I'm thinking about signing up for next month.

Has anybody here ever attended? If so, are there any particular classes that you would recommend? This sounds like an event that could be very informative or painfully boring and any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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I get their notices regularly. I've always sided with 'painfully boring' and decided to pass.

I can't really think of much I'd learn from them that I need to know. Just my .02
Maybe we should have a wa contractor meetup at one of them and then we can bail and get breakfast if its too boring. Do they do an osha 10 there?
Well, I was planning to sign up for the class this Friday. But then I got a puppy. :eek: Now, I think I better stay home and guard my shoes, furniture and base trim against certain destruction. Maybe we can recruit a few friends and crash the next local class instead? Go Hawks! :clap:
I've been to them but it's been a couple years. They can be good or bad, depends who's teaching it, just like any sort of class.
It's very much worth taking, it just goes over basic contractor laws.
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