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Virgin Mary Roofers Part II


Okay, I see your point about the commas, sorry. Here's my point I am not disrepecting anyone, all I am saying is that no roofers cover their roof with a tarp once it as been felted. I mean come on what would be the reasoning for that?? The only reason I see is that you are not confident in felting the roof properly. For the ones out there, the ones that say recovering a roof is a bad thing its not. Sure tearing off the old roof is better. I guess what I am trying to say through both of my posts is that you are very talented from what I have read. I myself have learned a thing or two from your comments. But some of the posts I have read make it sound like you are the perfect roofing company, and you very well might be but it just sounds too good to be true.
Like I said before I have worked for many companies in different states and now own my own successful company; I think. Myself and other companies would not be in business today if we didn't do recovers and only did those jobs for which we supplied the material. I guess I am different from everyone else I am here to please the customer so I will do what the homeowner requests as long as I know the job is done right and will not leak. Because in my opinion the homeowner is always right. Like I said "Hire the Best or Leak Like the Rest". :Thumbs:
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