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Hi all,

I work in a remote rural area of Canada doing a variety of residential and a small amount of commercial Reno and new construction work. (Framing, roofing, siding, drywall, window and door replacements and other repairs.)

Recently, I was asked to install windows in a new commercial cinderblock building. I have installed plenty of windows in wood frame buildings but never in a cinderblock building. The masonry was done by a fellow who lives more than two hours away and he is long gone.

I wonder if someone might be willing to share how to install Vinyl windows in masonry openings. The other thing I thought strange is that this window does not have a brick mold. Instead, it has a nailing fin. I fear that this may be the wrong type of window for this application.

I would be grateful for any assistance.

Small time contractor.
I always put 2x pt in the opening then the window.:thumbsup:
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