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Vinny... Another paving question.

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I just got a bid from a local paving contractor for asphalt on a parking lot I built a year or so ago... Lot size is 170' x 170'. 3'' mat.... Just a touch over 50K. Is he fair? Not trying to work his price down just wanting to know if its fair, never really done much work with asphalt so have nothing to compare to. His quality of work looks to be excellent from everything I have seen. If he is fair I would like to get him to qoute on two other projects I got a call on today. Thanks!
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My name isn't Vinny, and I am just a ditch digger, but my calculator says you're going to need right at 481Tons of asphalt to do the job.

Around here asphalt goes down for right at $90/ton plus mobilization etc. which would put the job at $44,000 or so. Factor in the difference in asphalt price where you are, etc. and that sounds like they are in the ballpark no problem.

Asphalt at the plant here is $48/ton, so they are getting about $42/ton to haul it, and lay it here in my area. This is assuming the plant is close, else hauling charges will be higher.

I am curious to see what Vinny says.:thumbsup:
It's fair - especially if he's the only show playing. By the time he rolls out, does the work, and cleans up there's a couple days in it and probably something over 500 tons of HMA to buy.
Thanks guys.... Sounds like I'll make the call.
holy smokes! 50k? My asphalt sub would charge about 100k! I do live in the middle of the pacific though.....
Sorry again. I just havent been around much lately.

Yea, something of that size in the $100 dollar per ton +/- range seems right taking into account that I have no idea what the price per ton for material is.

Out here it may be a little more. Were paying $77.00 per ton for material alone so I would assume (assume: the mother of all F up's) it would be a little higher here.
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