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I just came back from my first in-person networking event in over 1.5 years. I was speaking on three different topics pertaining to Contractor Marketing. Websites, promoting the Best of Your Projects, and Video Marketing.

It was amazing how many were interested in Video Marketing and really did not know how to go about it.

More were surprised to see how well videos can be indexed to help with lead generation efforts to your website.

Many did not know that YouTube is owned by Google.

There are so many ways to begin from using your phone or hiring a professional (especially if you are getting a customer involved).

The videos are the only way you can express your (or your client's) passion for whatever it is you are specializing in.

And when done correctly, you can take these videos and easily embed them into your website to not have them be a stand alone topic, and they can also be used for your social marketing like Facebook.

Never forget that many of you help people create their dreams and many of you are helping fix problems. The videos can help you be seen more as a business professional as opposed to being seen only as a construction contractor.

Just remember to capture the moments in order to share for future prospects.

Good luck!
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