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Has anyone done this before on cement boards?

1) I'm curious to know what light weight cement will adhere to cement boards. I am familiar with a primer like coating on cement boards before cement is applied to it to better adhere but would like your product recommendation and experiences on it.

2) The timing when to start stamping using the stone imprint mats (pic below) after applying cement. I understand there are releasing agents prior to stamping that has to be coating on the wet cement.

3) Adding color to the stone is something I'm not quite sure about as well. As mentioned earlier there are releasing agents that adds color to stone but if looking into color variation such as stacked ledge stone then what color/dye material should be used? As after color, I assume sealant should be used to preserve color and water intrusion.

What the stamp mats looks like for deep dry stack ledge stone which I'm interested in possibly using.
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