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Venting through soil stack?

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I am in the process of adding a bathroom in my basement and I am trying to figure out how my house is vented. The house was built in the early 70's and as far as I can tell there is no vents going through the roof, unless they tied into the whirley bird meant to vent the attic.

I can see where the waste lines in the bathroom are connected to the main soil stack which runs back into the basement and out into the sewer.

Is it possible they extended the soil stack into the attic and vented all the fixtures that way?

I have looked and do not see any vent lines coming off the bathroom sink or kitchen sink.

I haven't popped into the attic yet to see what is going on up there, but I am not sure what I am missing?

Is it acceptable to vent using the soil stack if it extends into the attic(and hopefully through the roof)?
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Depending on many restrictions, yes.... you could have "wet venting" where the main soil stack acts as a vent also.

Operative here is many restrictions in the configuration... trap arm lengths/sizing, single floor etc etc.

Would need to know your exact layout to know if it even possible.... it does seem unlikely that the entire house (multi bath rooms and kitchen/washer.... etc could all be wet vented.....

Get up on the roof and determine your main vent and other vents.....

EDIT: Studor AAV venting is also a possibility depending on your jurisdiction.... although I think most jurisdictions that allow them, also require them to be accesable.... so you ought to be able to get to them or see them.

(Caveat.... I'm a GC not a plumber. If I do minor plumbing myself, I have to pull out my books and review anything but simple venting.)

Of course venting may be tied into other dry vents and projections thru the roof can be minimized.
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I am thinking the main stack goes into the attic and has a valve on it and they figured because the attic is vented through a wind turbine no need to go through the roof with the pipe. Will have to get out the ladder and pop my head into the attic and see what is up there.
Interesting.... never seen/heard of a studor main stack vent...

Anyone know about that assembly?????????
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