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venting into attic

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I have a customer that we are doing some work in the attic for and I noticed yesterday that the plumbing is vented up into the attic (phew) and not thru the roof. There are 3 vents in one area and 2 in another. I see situations around like this sometimes.
I don't have a plumber to ask for an honest opinion right now so I'm asking you guys what should I do? Is this an issue that must be dealt with and if so how? Can you use those "ventless" vents for this (not go thru roof)?
They have a roof only 2 years old.
Thanks, :notworthy
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I have no idea what your codes are but it's not a bad thing for them to just have AAV's throughout. It's been done this way in many country's for years and saves having multiple vents passed through roofs. It's always good to try and have at least one vent to atmosphere though, normally at end of run but it's not uncommon not to see any.
I'm gonna tell them. I just wanted some feedback on using the AAV's on the stacks instead of going thru the new roof. The thread didn't head that direction because I got sidetracked.
Do they have at least one vent to atmosphere?
No, they do not, all are to attic only.
Seen it hundreds of times and never seen a problem from it but it's def not the best way.
Nothing good can happen from venting sewer gases into the attic.

Thats the reason durgos were invented. Again like i have said it's not the best way but it's not the worst way either. Many country's do it like this all over the world with zero problems. When i was in the UK in all the years i was a plumber we never installed one vent into one basin, shower or tub and never had issues. We did always make sure though that the end run was a vent to atmosphere. Most toilets around the world are also unvented and just run stub stacks and no vents. But as people have already said your best to tell the customer to get a pro take a look at it and do it the proper way evn if it works as is.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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