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Veneer Kitchen Stone

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Have any of you gentlemen ever used a fake man made stacked stone, for an outdoor kitchen, that comes in panels or sheets, versus lick & stick stone? Or have any of you used the real concrete veneer version that looks so real?

Here is a web-site of a good looking product. made with a Styrofoam looking stacked stone.

Certainly would reduce the weight.


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Those panels are for people without the skills and projects without the budget to use nicer finishes. That's not an insult - it's the manufacturers' marketing message, though they don't word it exactly that way.

If I didn't have the skills or the budget, I'd look for a different finish, rather than the fake stone panels. One aesthetic problem with the fake stone is that it often implies a structure that one knows to be impossible: the brain knows that no, the door below the grill is not a rubble wall, and it therefore must be something fake. Edges and corners are generally a disaster with those products, also, and also with the concrete stamps and molds.

That's my reaction. To answer your question, I haven't used them in an outdoor kitchen, but I've only built a couple. Some of the guys around here have probably built dozens.

Thank you Bob for answering a confused call for assistance and your insight.

I found a great looking veneer stone, I and the customer like the Brazoria Luxroc, from Texas Stone Designs, Inc. My concern is that weight I need will be approximately 2,000 pounds and that doesn't include the granite for the counter top.

When I built the deck I knew I would be putting a kitchen on it at some point and I framed it accordantly. but now I am second guessing myself. I am also adding an eating bar to the side of the kitchen.
I think I will clad the bar top inside with T&G cedar and stain it dark walnut, that should cut down on the weight some.

The Texas Stone is made using a poured concrete but I can't tell it from the real thing.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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