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Utility Body Outfitting Ideas.

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The countdown is on, and I need to start getting some ideas on how I want to organize and outfit the utility body on my new truck. I bring the chassis cab into the builder on 1/12/2010, and pick it up hopefully on the 20th.

I already have some ideas, and a stockpile of parts, but wanted to get some input anyway. Here is what I have so far.

I am using the Adrian Steel DC6 and DC12 drawer units. Layout is not set in stone, so critique as necessary.

Tool chests in front compartment

I think I may move the devices and the tool chests to the curb side. Other than that, it is blank.

For the inside I am working on conduits for storing fish stiks, benders, and other long items. This will be on the curb side interior wall.

Floor plan for interior, and all my push carts will fit in it as well, not very often though.

I also plan on building a shelf in the front for all the bulky tools that don't get used everyday.

And yes, it is crude, but it is to scale for the most part. After all, it was made on Visio, not a high dollar program.

Here is the truck it is going on in case you missed my posts in other threads.

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Looks great so far, I can't wait to see the finished truck:thumbup: I have been doing the same thing with my truck for a while trying to find a good layout. Its tough, I've found so far the best way is to start with something and based on how you use the truck change as needed.

With my utility trucks my old wise boss told me put the most used things on that passenger side so if you park on the street you are out of the road. Most of the time there is a driveway but it is a good concept. I like your degree and disire for orginazation its awesome.
That sure is a Snazzy looking Rig !! On my Utility I have pull out drawers that are the full width of the bed up at the front on the passenger side.,. They have dividers in them & are perfect for electrical stuff - switches.receprtacles,connectors, breakers,etc. I keep all my parts on the passenger side & all my tools on the drivers, so as soon as get out the first thing I grab is a tool that I need for the job & then usually come back for the parts on the Passenger side which is away from the road.
Also love my ladder racks which are higher up front & lower in the back for ease of sliding in & out. I used to have a van with racks that were level- what a PITA ! Of course you have to consider looks in everything you do with that thing of beauty.....................
With my utility trucks my old wise boss told me put the most used things on that passenger side so if you park on the street you are out of the road. Most of the time there is a driveway but it is a good concept. I like your degree and disire for orginazation its awesome.

Good call gillison! Thats what I did with my truck tool boxes too.

nice rig, I personally would go with a 12 foot chassis box. how long is yours?
It's only 9', and it hit the dirt yesterday afternoon. I went to check it out today.

The interior of all the compartments is powdercoated white, hence the overspray on the outside. They better prep the crap out of this thing, there is a lot to do.

Also got all my Thule items in, I ended up with an awning for both sides, conduit carrier, ladder roller, ladder holddowns, and 4 bars of ladder racks, even though I am only using three (only sold in pairs).

A couple more days, and it'll be underway.
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I think you are going to have one of the best setups on here!

Didn't know thule made that stuff thought it was just bike racks.
16 out of 17 drawer units came in today (two not pictured), but only 3 with hardware. FML. Word of advice, never use for anything. It took almost a month for them to deliver this many, claiming that the holidays was the issue. They are in NJ, how hard is it? B&H gets my **** here next day, how come they can't.

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that's the same body I have on my truck.

Start with racks that post through to the frame or floor, real strong.

Right side lower:

Rear tall box holds pancake compressor, hoses, cords
Center (short) box holds portable table saw, belt sander, pad sander, and lots of clamps.
Front tall box holds all air nailers, staplers, knee pads.

Upper boxes, everything in tool boxes lined up side to side, 8 boxes per side.

Left side lower:
Rear tall box holds drywall tools, caulk, sponges, and hopper gun
center (short) box holds 5 tool boxes with 1/2" drill, hole hawg, drywall screwguns and router, angle grinders, rotary hammer.
Front holds hammers, bars, pencils, chalk boxes, chisels, tapes, laser transit, ram-set, and assorted other stuff.

After using it I wondered how I ever worked without it. It holds a ton of tools and parts.
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That looks great so far, I cant wait to see the final project

Is it a 450 or 550?
I can't believe they set that body down on the ground like that, without any dunnage, not very professional. Nice truck though :thumbsup:
I need finished pictures then I can come down and trade you for my truck and trailer set up. LOL

Got my vanity plates today also..


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Any new pick's? Inquiring minds want to know!!! You can't keep us hanging here, we are all drooling over your new truck.......
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