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using a 23 gauge pinner for crown

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I havn't tried it yet- but I am seriously considering using a 23 gauge pinner to install crown molding. With some PL premium dabbed on here and there, I think it will hold up fine - not completely sure though, anyone tried this?

The advantage would be not filling the nail holes with filler, just a quick pass with a sanding sponge and its done.

I normally use an 18 gauge for MDF, and a 15 gauge for wood.


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The only trim I put up exclusivley with a pinner is cabinet crown and scribe.
I glue the inside/outside corners, and when I am done run a bead of hot glue behind the crown where it meets the cabinets.

Even a 2" pin is not stong enough to hold up a good sized piece of crown.
I've done it in my own house as an experiment and it hasn't moved yet. Only been about 6 months.
I wouldn't trust it over any real length of time, - - and more than that, how would it appear to the customer??
Wouldn't do it while installing crown on drywall.

However, if installing a built up crown, I use a pinner to install smaller profile crown to the "sub-crown" pieces.
might as well pay some grunt to hold the piece up til the glue dries... really eliminate all hole filling!!

as rizzo said, i too wouldn't trust it over a long period of time holding through the drywall, unless it's paint grade... then maybe between the glue and the caulk it might just work
"Liquid Nails....
Now everyone is a carpenter!"
I would think that would be more then adaquate, onece the PL dries then its like one piece of material.

I was astonished when I saw a guy putting up cast plaster, all he did was throw mud on it and use a couple nails to hold it in place. I was shocked that it was enough to hold up the heavy plaster crown until he said "every try to pull a blob of hard plaster off a wall?".
ya, maybe I'll try it in the basement here at home first - some places I know you have to "bend" the crown a little bit to make it conform, and a bit of glue and some 18 or 15 ga nails do the trick.

guess I'm lookin for an excuse to get a new 23 gauge pinner :D the pos $40 import that I have is breakin down -

the 23 ga is very handy for doing base shoe though.
glue ups, cabinet trim, skylight trim, it is a great gun to add to one's lineup.
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