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Used Trucks

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Is it just me or does it seem like used trucks are way over priced?

There's no way trucks with more than 100k should be over 15grand.
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Look hard. I bought a 2010 F150 4x4 crew cab in december 2011 for 19,500. Mint, but 70k miles. My brother (PM) is driving it now. I bought a 2012 F 250 4x4 crew cab for 25k in December. 61k mikes, mint. I looked for 6 weeks for both.
Our 08 Ford extended cab 3/4 diesil I bought last year with 105k miles, 13k.

Our 07 Ford 3/4 crew cab diesil 4xr crew cab Lariat we bought for 31k in 09.

Our Chevy one ton van was like 8k, its an 02. My old 01 3/4 Chevy standard transmission single cab was 21k new.....
Get in with a dude who goes to auctions....
I keep looking online and all the good deals are in Texas, I'd love to fly down and pick one up.
Its because of the oil field. If you like white, its the place to buy. For some of you guys, id be willing to check the vehicle out and pick you up at the airport to get the truck.

My current ride (the '12 ) was a ridiculously good deal. I was looking for a new one. For 60 or so thousand miles I will buy used to save 23k on a 2 year old mint condition sled.

Some of yall......:whistling
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I'm good with white. What dealers are close?
Austin and San Antonio.

Big state :whistling
Wheres she at?

I generally dont eat with yankees, but you seem ok. :laughing::thumbup:
Expensive lunch but come on. Lol.
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Houston, I might make a weekend out of it
Its a ways, but let me know. :thumbsup:
Will do. I talked to my bank last week, they told me to let them know how much I needed and when I needed it. I might check on some flights
Austin, San Antonio or Houston airports if you want a ride. Might get a better deal landing in Austin or San Antone. The dealership would probably pick you up in Houston. If not, PM me.
Lt package

I have to get it in Texas the weekend after next.
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My 01 chevy has 270k+ on it, no problems. Guys still drive it.
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