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used a brake today.

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Couple of guys are roofing my neighbors house. I've been BSing with them during the whole job and we've struck up a good friendship. Today they brought out an old 12'6" VanMark slide brake. I have been wanting to trim out some brick molding on my house so I asked him if I could use his brake. Of course he said yes and even told me to use their coil but I had a roll.
I spent a couple hours breaking metal to cover the brick molding on three windows and two dooors. Yep, I know I'm slow. But it felt good using a brake again even though it was in awful shape. I had to beat the wedges tight so it would grip. They were all loose.
After I finished the man told me he had figured out I'd done that before. I said yes, on and off for 30 years.
Anyway, it felt good to use a brake again. I've been sick for about 5 months so I'm still weak and was exhaused after getting it done but I had a different outlook on life.
I was about to take over my father in laws plumbing business before I got sick. After today, the fire seems to have been kindled again.
Our economy around here is in the pot but people are still remodeling.
The largest home buildier in town closed their doors last week and the seamless steel siding company went out of business.
I have two experienced carpenters ready to go to work but I'd have to find a HAV Tech which souldn't be hard to do.
Just dreaming here. I'm 65 and have some serious health issues but I think I could handle the business end with the help of a bookkeeper.
Some of you guys on here have been an inspiritation.
I don't need the money. I'm living comfortably now. I just need to satisfy something in my soul and mind that tells me I should do it.
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be careful on beating the wedges, they are only held in with 2 plastic screws. you will sheer them off really easily
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