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Hi -

I'm trying to upgrade from a two-wire Honeywell thermostat to a programmable T-stat, like the Nest.

Furnace: Lennox G23Q/23 - 75 - 1

The goal is, I'd like to introduce the ability to have a "blower only" option so that I can circulate air with the furnace off.

Attached pics:
1. current T-stat with red and white wires
2. Just the tag inside the furnace
3. current wiring

1. Is this possible?
2. How many wires do I have to introduce
3. Which terminals do I add them to in the furnace, and what "label" and/or function do those terminals have?

Thank you!


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Either do as flash said. Or get a Honeywell wireless thermostat. Only need to run new wires from the furnace to the EIM(which mounts on the furnace or return duct). That way you don't need to go to teh furnace everytime to turn the fan off or on. Plus it gives you the option of "circ). Which will run the fan for 10 minutes every 36 minutes that the thermostat hasn't made a heat or cooling call.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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