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Its a 2005 F350 with a V10. It has a serpentine belt. I run a 9'-6" fisher Extreme V plow. I do driveways, so I use the plow alot. I also run some warning and backup lights, but they are LED so they don't draw much. For me to buy an OEM 115 amp alternator costs more than getting a 200 amp aftermarket one. Sort of a no brainer. Except I'll be spending extra to upgrade the wiring. Kind of like framing 16 o.c. instead of 24" o.c. My current alternator has bad diodes. In any case my headlights dim quite a bit when I run the plow. I am planning on adding a second battery as well at some point this winter. Nick.
Look into DC power for an alternator.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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